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Custom Engineering Solutions

SPI is often called upon to lend its engineering expertise to the design of new solutions to technical service problems. There are times when SPI becomes the provider of the services as well as the designer. These problems range from diagnostics and troubleshooting to the need for alteration of service practices.

Shown here is an example of dynamometer tests to determine diesel particulate matter (soot) emissions at different drive cycles. This work resulted in new technology to protect the engine controls from soot contamination.

Other examples:

  • Projects to test new ways of extracting diagnostic data to determine root causes of system failures.

  • Implementation of tooling to aid the diagnostic process, using commercially available tools in new ways, such as radio frequency generation, infra-red detection and telematic transmission.

  • Shop management and field service practices that reduce downtime and prevent equipment failures.

SPI “Gas-balanced” Emission Control System


Professional Collaboration

SPI’s motto is “We don’t sell theory, we sell real solutions and prove it every day.” Therefore, our approach is always a collaborative one. Whether we’re getting our hands into the task or discussing the best approaches, the objective is always to reach lasting solutions to service and maintenance problems and make sure that our customers are satisfied.

Our consultants and trainers come from our resource of personnel who are the best in their professions and proud to both demonstrate and teach their skills. The foundation of the approach always begins with a thorough understanding of the technology involved and the latest information on the most effective ways to maintain it.


Custom Data and Parts Studies for Cost Reduction

So much of equipment control and service referencing is now electronic that it requires software and networked devices to keep up with the information and make it useful. SPI has extensive experience in providing both custom referencing and reporting. From parts usage, to downtime cause determination, to best available sourcing and cost reduction, SPI uses data analysis and reporting in order to measure and prove progress in solving service problems. By taking a business managerial approach on behalf of its customers, SPI offers useful ways to prove economic benefit in its solutions.


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